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Nordic team. Local player.

group and brand

“The partnership with Essen International is truly transparent, uncomplicated and straightforward. It’s characterized by joy and consistent top-of-the-line deliveries” 

Tomas Bjällerstedt
Design Manager

The problem

PostNord is the holding company of the two postal companies Posten Sverige and Post Denmark that were officially merged on 24 June 2009. Postal services is a sector facing big changes, the use of physical post is decreasing by the minute and the importance of logistics, especially in connection with e-commerce, is growing rapidly.

PostNord knew they had to act as a result of these changes occurring fast in the market place and saw the opportunity to reposition two former mail companies to form one internationally successful logistics company.

Our ambition

PostNord had the ambition to create one strong logistics brand offering something unique in relation to the international giants occupying the marketplace. They had the ambition to create a Nordic challenger brand providing the unique set of USPs provided by the competition in combination with unmatched local knowledge; simply offering a Nordic team. Local player.

Our process

We first partnered with PostNord to gather their logistics offering under one brand – PostNord Logistics.  We partnered on a new identity; designing a new name,  a new visual and verbal identity. This first partnership turned out so successful that it changed the group’s focus. Together, we set out to design a simplified customer experience with one point of entry to all of the group’s offerings. This time, 39,000 co-workers and two of the oldest and most well-known brands in the Nordic countries became a part of the PostNord brand. Combining the strengths of history with the power of acting as one. The new partnership is underway, involving everything from brand architecture to identity and roll-out.

The result

The result is an ambition well on its way to being realized. We feel safe to say that the postal service for the next generation is here.