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Escape into a world of your own.

The problem
The sound- and e-book market got crowded. Surprisingly fast. Competitors came from everywhere using bought media to wedge their way into the hearts of Swedish consumers. Frescano group had piloted their brand e2go only to find out that it wasn’t cutting it.

Our ambition
We partnered with Frescano group on rebranding e2go into something relevant and modern. We shared a common belief that the market was ready for a brand focusing on being useful, not witty. An organization focused on the experience not the advertising. Putting all efforts into their product where their customers can escape the stress and problems of daily life.

Our process
We centered the brand on the notion of everyday escape: Explore. Escape. Enjoy. We developed the new name Nextory and an identity powerful enough to standout and deliver the message.

The result
Nextory is something new. Something fresh and surprisingly useful. No slap-stick. Just a great app with great content delivered in a well-designed experience.