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A modern way to commute

The problem

Sweden is a big country. But commuting in Mälardalen was cumbersome. Commuters had to use several train tickets. Trains were old and poorly designed for the modern-day worker, who wants bright and airy trains, with hi-speed Wi-Fi, supported by a world class digital experience.

Our ambition

Together with Mälab, we set out to change the status quo. We decided to fully engage with the commuters and design what they’d always dreamed of by literally expanding the entire region and support a mobile, productive workforce.

Our process

We started by designing an optimal customer journey. Then we designed one brand for the ticket system (Movingo) and one brand for the trains (Mälartåg). We united the two under one identity. Last but not least, we designed smart digital interfaces and state-of-the-art interior- and exterior design concepts for the trains.

The result

A larger Mälardalen region. A more mobile workforce. A modern way to commute.