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Insure a place in the future

new full-service customers
from 2012 to 2014

in customer satisfaction
from 2012 to 2014

“Our customer satisfaction is up on an all-time high of 90%”

Jacqueline Sejersen
Head of research, Folksam

The problem

Folksam founded in 1908, and with history to be proud of, needed to move forward to insure their place in the future. Even though every other Swedish citizen was insured by Folksam, most did not feel the brand was for everyone. The brand felt like an institution and was too strongly associated with the Swedish labour movement. The time had come to breakaway from history and become a more approachable and customer-oriented company.

Our ambition

The ambition was twofold. Firstly, we wanted to define a differentiating positioning and design an identity and tools to achieve it. Being a service company, a major goal was to go beyond look and feel and really work closely with Folksam to improve customer satisfaction and prevent a gap between promise and delivery. Secondly, Folksam demanded cost-effective marketing. This called for a revised brand portfolio, to reduce the number of brands, and to strive towards one Folksam.

Our process

We began our partnership by learning about the factors influencing the Folksam brand. In close collaboration with Folksam, we designed a new vision, mission, promise and set of core values based on a new desired positioning – the insurance company with a big heart. The identity was designed to align the brand with the new direction. A new, brighter and simplified, logotype together with a new color system made for a more cheerful impression. The implementation of the positioning focused on designing a process for Folksam to evaluate and improve service delivery for customers at every point of contact. Parallel to the design of the positioning and the identity, the brand portfolio was revised and a new cost-effective brand architecture was designed focused on its master brand. We designed action plans to migrate business areas and companies operating under different brands and we put the plans to work by joining the Folksam team to manage the migrations.

The result

The result is a cheerful identity for a 100-year-old brand, still going strong. Future activities are based on a crystal-clear and cost-effective design model, effectively migrating new acquisitions into the Folksam world. And the organization is continuously working to identify ways to improve service delivery and brand experience.