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A brand leading bio-tech

“The team at Essen International is world class. They spent a lot of time getting to know us and were able to weave together the people, science and our company mission in a meaningful and progressive manner. I previously thought that a branding concept could be somewhat of an independent exercise. The resulting design reflects a strong purpose in our brand.”

Agnes Rafalko
Founder & CEO



The problem
San Francisco start-up Glycomine is at the absolute forefront of biotech. What they do is very complex to all but only a handful of well-versed scholars. Glycomine had a communication problem that needed swift solving in order to become more appealing, especially during its upcoming investment rounds.


Our ambition
Our focus was helping center Glycomine around a brand idea that would be equally relevant to both the VC and the science community. We had the ambition of creating the full re-brand within the timespan of a month, a first for us. We managed to do it within 5 ½ weeks instead, still quite impressive for a “head-to-toe” re-brand if you ask us.

Our process
We built the brand around the notion of novel nano-technology and designed an identity as novel as the brand’s technology. We built an image-bank, website and pitch-deck in parallel; a full-scale implementation process conducted in less than a week.

The result
A novel brand in the world’s most interesting sector and market. A brand applauded by investors and scientists alike. A brand with a now-very-happy founder.