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Empowering you.

“We are really proud of the new Episerver and our new brand platform, it connects with our target customers and partners with a level of emotional differentiation that truly speaks to our brand values. Essen International provided us with an identity that is as strategically ambitious as it is progressive in its application, and the results have been very well received”

James Norwood
Executive Vice President Strategy, Episerver


The problem
Accel-KKR bought European Episerver and American Ektron in December 2014. After the merging of the two companies there was a need for a new brand, one that could represent the future ahead.

Our ambition
We partnered with the new global organization in the creation of the new brand, EPI. Our common ambition was to create a tech-brand with a purpose far beyond the clichés of its industry.

Our process
We repositioned EPI as an ambassador of ‘people-first technology’ and built an identity that is as people-focused as it is progressive. We then helped to launch the new brand in both Stockholm and Las Vegas.

The result
The new brand was well received by the organization, its partners and customers. It is a brand to lead the industry by empowering its users, us. A brand that enables us to instantly realize our ideas.