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Epi Product Packaging

The problem

Following our repositioning of Epi as the people-first technology company, they have steadily expanded their offering from three to ten products. It quickly became clear that Epi needed a strategic and supportive approach to packaging their product range.

Our ambition

We had the ambition to develop product packaging that was not only best-in-class, but world class. Needless to say, we had a digital-first perspective with motion being the foundation of the packaging.

Our process

Through multiple iterations with Epi, we developed a distinct packaging solution for each product that together forms a cohesive suite. Our intention was not only to make Epi’s offering more intuitive to customers, but also to showcase synchronization between products and the ease of collaboration.

The result

Exceeding the client’s expectations, we delivered a solution that both empowers customers with a clearer understanding of Epi’s offerings, and encourages users to try all products within the suite.