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Dreaming of a perfect wardrobe

retailers in Europe, Asia and
North America representing
Filippa K

“We are a unique brand with a distinct style and always with very good products. We have been very consistent and always stuck to what we stand for. It has given us many loyal customers who love the brand regardless of time or season”

Eva Boding
Brand Director

The problem

Filippa Knutsson had a dream about simple fashionable garments that stand the test of time. Back in 1993, it was easy to communicate her vision, in person, to every employee. The Filippa K style was also well-known among the customer base, but expansion into new markets and a growing staff resulted in a loss of style and vision. The need to reclaim their heritage and find a brand story was unavoidable. The need became even more acute when Filippa Knutsson decided to step-down from operational work.

Our ambition

Filippa Knutsson had the ambition to scale the business into new markets and at the same time to go from ‘person’ to ‘brand’ without losing clarity or vision; to professionalize the organization for international success.

Our process

We partnered with Filippa and her organization to get to the bottom of things and formalize her brand. We asked them all the tricky questions. We dug deep into their successful past. We helped them to sort out what the brand was all about. Which values did Filippa personify? What is the definition of the Filippa K style?

The result

The result was “Dreaming of a perfect wardrobe” — a manifesto given to all employees. The re-launch was an immediate success with increased sales and customer satisfaction.