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Beyond financial growth

8.1 million
retail customers


revenues in 2014

corporate and
organisational customers


The problem

In 2006, Föreningssparbanken had just bought the flagship of banks in the Baltics, Hansabank. A new chapter in the bank’s history was in the making. There was a clear opportunity for designing a strong international brand. We were given the assignment to help them design a brand equally viable in Sweden as in the Baltic. Obviously, we saw the opportunity in beginning with the least international asset – the name. It turned out to be the beginning of a partnership lasting for soon to be a decade.

Our ambition

Beyond an international name, we had the ambition to design a brand that offers something more, something beyond financial growth in a marketplace defined by figures and finance. A brand that promotes a sound and sustainable financial situation for many households and businesses. A brand that enables people, businesses and societies to grow. We had the ambition to simplify and clarify an overly complex portfolio.

Our process

We partnered to design a new name, Swedbank. We continued by designing a brand architecture focusing on a clear structure supporting one master brand. The brand was defined at its core with differentiating variables next to its traditional competition. The core was then manifested with a new visual identity communicating the strengths of the brand.

The result

Today, Swedbank is the leading bank in Sweden, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. In three months, the new brand was more well-known than the previous brand had ever been. In addition, the new brand shows higher levels of positive associations.