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The best photography museum in the world

paying visitors per year.

“We are only at the beginning of a long journey”

Per Broman

The problem

Fotografiska is a center for contemporary photography located in Stockholm, Sweden that opened back in 2010. The center is the vision of brothers Jan and Per Broman, photo enthusiasts, who saw that there was room for world-class photography on the culture scene of Stockholm.

Our process

We partnered with Fotografiska on designing a new brand strategy allowing Fotografiska to become something never before seen in the Swedish market. We continued to partner on designing a strong product line for the shop, including tickets, bags, accessories and more.

Our ambition

We were approached by Jan and Per Broman with the ambition of designing a privately owned center for world-class, contemporary photography, or as they put it: “to create the best photography museum in the world”.

The result

Fotografiska is today considered by many as the world’s best photography museum. After only five years, this has exceeded our expectations as the best possible outcome. Let’s just say that we are more than happy.