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The backbone of Sweden

place in Universum’s ranking of
Sweden’s top employers 2014

“Satisfied and motivated workers don’t only contribute to the organization’s success by performing the best, but they are also important ambassadors for recruiting new talent”

Petter Nylander
CEO Universum


The problem

If you ever get the idea of opening your very own iron ore mine north of the Arctic Circle, you’d better be prepared for some hard work. LKAB did just that back in 1890, and hard work and innovation have made them the world leader in iron ore production they are today. On top of that, they are one of Sweden’s largest and most profitable corporations. Despite their profitability, LKAB have a hard time recruiting from top universities thanks to the seemingly unglamorous environment of their business as well as its remote location. Given the situation, LKAB saw the opportunity for increased employee attraction with a redesigned brand and employee proposition.


Our ambition

LKAB approached us with the ambition of re-imagining the LKAB brand, designing a more modern, progressive and attractive corporate culture; or simply defining the LKAB spirit.

Our process

We partnered with LKAB on redesigning their brand architecture and master brand with a corresponding identity. We continued to partner on brand implementation with special focus on their enormous fleet, including everything from ships, planes, trains to cars. We partnered on telling the story of LKAB employees, explaining why a job at LKAB can be one of the most rewarding out there.

The result

LKAB is today one of Sweden’s most preferred employers, ranking no 5 in Universum employer ranking 2014. We don’t want to tell you what place they started in.