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A digital home for Assemblin

“We are thrilled to announce Assemblin. The end product of a true creative partnership together with Essen International. A brand that is meant to be timeless and that is the result of endless hours of hard work and relentless ambition. A brand for clients and employees embodying Hands-on engineering”

Thomas Rebermark
Information and Marketing Director

The problem
After developing an entirely new brand, Assemblin needed a new site to go alongside with it. A digital home designed for an audience on the run. It needed to be designed and produced from scratch in 3 months, in 4 languages. With all new content.

Our ambition
We set out to design a site that would be not only intuitive but also beautiful, elevating an impressive collection of prestige projects second to no other company. Creating pride for existing and potential employees. Making it clear that Assemblin has the most interesting projects in the marketplace.

Our process
We started out with a content audit and developed a new sitemap. We continued by  iterating through wireframing and prototyping. On one side we were running fast sprints and on the other we were producing material and directing photoshoots. With the design finally in place we produced the new site on Episerver, making maintenance one very smooth process.

The result
A site worthy of the brand. A new beautiful home for Assemblin. (Visit