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New brand strategy

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premium vodka in the world

“Essen International is a dedicated design partner: Reliable people who go the extra mile to make your brand more progressive”

Mathias Westphal
Global Brand Director Absolut

The problem

The Absolut Company, owned by French Pernod Ricard, has been a pioneer in the premium vodka segment since the days of Andy Warhol. Market disruption and an ever-growing product line have kept the market interested but have detracted from the brand. The association of the master brand was strongly linked with the icon Absolut Vodka. We saw an opportunity to leverage the full potential of the Absolut brand, aiming to increase the brand equity and premium associations, without putting existing business at risk.

Our ambition

Our ambition was clear from the beginning. We wanted to simplify the brand architecture by designing a strong master brand providing freedom to expand beyond traditional categories. We had the ambition to increase the premium look and feel, enabling a shift from product to master branding. We wanted to design a clear portfolio and naming strategy. 

Our process

Through the years we’ve gathered our forces to design a brand architecture with focus on the master brand and a corresponding name strategy for new products and initiatives. We’ve partnered to design the treatment of the visual assets and the roll-out for a successful transition from product to master branding.

The result

A new, clear and cost-effective master brand strategy that nourishes the whole portfolio. The new strategy has been launched worldwide and can among other things be seen in the campaign Transform Today.