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We move brands forward. Through progress by design.

Why us?

We are “The Dream Team’, you and us that is.
We have no middle-men. We are responsible from the very beginning to the very end. That is what compulsive perfectionists do. We want to be proud of everything we put out there, for you and for us. You are part of the process, we work with you. And, if we have learned anything throughout the (many) years, is that the most extraordinary solutions come from a great input of trust.

We are all about people.
We are all about people. How could we not? People are amazing. We want to engage and inspire them. However, we want more than just impact, we want to create relationships, long-lasting ones, with both our partners and with our audiences. We aim to move forward and at the same time we aim to move people.

We are eternally unsatisfied.
“We are happy with the way things are exactly as they are”. That is the one sentence we never want to hear come out of our mouths. That would be just plain blasphemy to our ears. We are eternally unsatisfied, and sometimes even pissed off, with the way things are. We rather focus on what things can be instead. That is what keeps us up at night and makes us go to work in the morning. That is how we move forward, that is how we progress.

We are into smart design. And not only because it sounds better, but because it is better.
Great branding, is the one that mixes aesthetics with logic. We devout the same amount of time to strategy as we do to the craft itself. We believe that one is almost useless, or less useful, without the other. They are meant to hold hands, compliment each other, and create greatness. Let’s be honest, smart design does sound better than just design, doesn’t it? But, it does not only sound better, it is better.

Where we have been.

We have been around for a while, since 1980 to be precise, which is long enough to have already undergone a midlife crisis, overcome it and learn (a thing or two) from it.

Throughout the years, our love affair with design has remained intact however. As of today, we are still moving and learning. All those years also come with quite a list of brands. Friskis & Svettis, Skanska, Björn Borg, Vattenfall, Swedbank, Gant, The City of Stockholm, Filippa K… just to name a few.

What we offer.

When we say design we mean it, we full-circle mean it.

We discover and design possibilities. Research and insights, experience maps, and customer journeys, competitor analysis, benchmark-studies, workshops.

We design brands. Brand strategies, brand architecture, brand platforms, brand positioning, behavioral principles, naming.

We design experiences. Visual identities, service design, digital products, signage systems, packaging, retail- and office spaces.

We design change. Employer engagement, brand portals, change management, implementation.

We design protection. Freedom to operate search, pre-file search, trademark portfolio, surveys, lawful marketing, protection, monitoring, agreements, digital legal guidance.

Our leadership

Full case list

  • Finance

  • Culture

    • Fotografiska museet

    • Kulturförvaltningen

    • Medeltidsmuseet

    • Nationalstadsparken

    • Naturhistoriska riksmuseet

    • Stadsmuseet

    • Artipelag

  • Education

    • Addskills

    • Chalmers

    • Göteborgs Universitet

  • Energy & forestry

    • Bixia

    • Enkla Elbolaget

    • Sveaskog

    • Telge

    • Vattenfall

  • Health

    • Johnson & Johnson

    • Karolinska Institutet

    • Pfizer

    • Previa

    • Glycomine
    • SATS
  • Industrials

  • Technology

    • Aditro

    • Aspiro

    • Avega

    • Ericsson

    • Sectra

    • Swisscom

    • Tieto

    • Tilgin

    • Epi
    • Profoto
  • Media

  • Professional services

  • Public sector & non-profit

  • Real estate

    • DTZ

    • Fastighetsägarna

    • Leimdörfer

    • Sveafastigheter

  • Consumer

  • Transport