Wanted: Management trainee & Designer

We want a management trainee

This is our dream brief so don’t get nervous. But, we are looking for someone with the ambition to be the best in the business. Someone who is provoked by what is considered best practice and is curious to constantly finding new and better answers. Someone who acts ageless and has no respect whatsoever for authorities. You have the ability to speak up and make yourself heard. This position will be extremely hard and unprofitable but will provide the opportunity to quickly learn everything from the best in the business, for the best in the business. You will work with the management team and will in a couple of years become an outstanding brand strategist and project manager.

We’re looking for someone who is:
— Talented and passionate about design with a big D – not graphic design, not craft design – Design
— Intelligent, creative with an attention to detail (we know it’s hard to combine but we still expect you to – somewhat)
— Comfortable in a high-pressure environment in which loosing is not an option (we are fiercely competitive)

While being all the above, we also expect you to be a lovely person. Because at the end of the day nothing of the above is worth accomplishing if we don’t have fun doing it.

Please send your portfolio (PDF or URL) and resume to before 28th of February. Subject: EI Management Trainee.

PS. education and background are insignificant; wishes and dreams are not. DS.


We also want a designer

We are looking for a young designer with a progressive mindset, great ideas and exceptional craft. An individual with the ambition to become the best in the field of design and is looking for a studio that will facilitate and support this pursuit.

We believe you:
— Have 2 years experience as a junior designer or intern, where you’ve produced a portfolio that show great promise.
— Have strong creative thinking but also ability to execute concepts flawlessly.
— Are good at articulating and conveying your ideas.
— Understand the value and importance of design in modern businesses.
— Can thrive in a high paced environment and manage different projects and workloads.
— Are curious about design and creativity and moves with ease between different disciplines, whether it’s digital, print or motion.

The most important characteristics we are looking for is a lovely person with a calling. Our work environment is more than just a job and we want someone who feels the same.

Please send your portfolio (PDF or URL) and resumé to before 28th of February. Subject: EI Designer