The Social media toolbox: act faster and leverage your brand presence in social media

Many marketing departments has literally been turned upside down by the fast growing social media. The departments now find themselves stuck in heaps of content plans, tweets and status updates. So far, much of the internal focus has been on the social media strategy and content plans. But as we all know, it’s not until you start posting stuff that you realize what kind of content works and what doesn’t. So while focussing on strategies, many companies miss some of the basic tools that simplifies your workflow and helps you act fast. The visual guidelines is one example. Having clear visual guidelines for social media doesn’t just help you save time and act fast, being  consistent also help you leverage your brand presence in social channels.

We usually recommend our clients having three types of guidelines for the social media production:

1. Visual guidelines – Brand visuals adapted and developed for social media.

2. Content guidelines – Writing principles and framework for tags and topics.

3. Publishing guidelines – tells the publisher when and how to publish content.

By combining these three sets of guidelines you’ll have a Social media toolbox that help people in your organization to focus on what to create instead of bothering about how to create content.

The guidelines are quite basic, but still, very few organisations have these kind of tools. And given the time and effort it saves, investing in a social media toolkit usually pays of quite quick.

Niklas Wallberg, Head of Digital, EssenInternational