Silver Medal: Cannes Young Lions

This is the work created during 24 hours in Cannes by our young designers Tobias Eriksson and Danny Jian, awarded silver in the Cannes Young Lions competition 2014.

Celebration through connection

We have created a solution that activates the name by connecting it with the key message: Celebrating Creativity, Diversity and Unity. Based on this, we developed a flexible messaging concept highlighting topics concerning creativity, well-being and individual development. The visual idea is all about diversities being connected and unified into one. This is translated into a modular custom typeface that further evolves into patterns to make the identity even more celebratory, flexible and joyful. In short, this is an identity both expressive and communicative.


Since our proposal consists both of a flexible messaging concept as well as a flexible visual language, it means that the brand can continue to evolve effortlessly over time. Messaging can become more specific, or even wider, and the modular system can, and should, be used creatively.
This gives the brand endless posibilities to evolve.