Say Hi to our new Five!

They are one fantastic little bunch, we promise.
(We are very proud parents, what can we say).

Sara Svensson, Designer
Sara started designing digital services and products at Hyper Island after having “painted her dues” back in her art school days. Sara has a quasi-healthy obsession with details. At heart, she is just a proud geek who is not so secretly hiding under a cool hat and a bright smile. Yes, she is probably the most positive person in any team -we are willing to bet money on it.

Anna Johansson, Paralegal
Anna is probably not what you would expect from the law world. She is literally a ray of sunshine, she smiles a lot and we like smiley people. She also has substantial experience from different law firms. She will support our legal team and advice our clients on the best way to take care about their intellectual property. Anna has spoken on the phone with Bill Clinton for about 37 seconds about the weather, which means she might be slightly ahead of most of us on our bucket lists.

Rasmus Löwenbrååt, Motion Designer
Rasmus basically lives, breaths and yawns design. Almost to the point that he might refer to design as his one and only hobby, apart from watching rom-coms. But, besides being an avid rom-com marathoner, Rasmus is also an avid motion designer from Hyper Island who is set to create seriously cool, smooth animations and flawless designs.

Denisse Ariana Perez, Copywriter
Denisse was born on a not-as-small-as-you-may-think island in the Caribbean, Dominican Republic. She has been “island-hopping” for about a decade now. From Switzerland (some may argue it is an island amidst a continent), all the way to New York and until recently to Hyper Island. At Essen she hopes to work out both the left and right side of her brain, doing some strategy and some copywriting- and hoping they can compliment each other in joyous harmony.

Eline Ermens, Brand Strategist
Who said “cat ladies” could not be cool and high school dropouts could not become Nobel Prize winning scientists? Well, you haven’t met Eline yet. Ok, we admit we might have taken it a little bit too far with the Nobel Prize part, but Eline is a marine biology student and you cannot deny that is quite impressive as well. Also, she has only two cats so we are not entirely sure that could officially constitute as a proper “cat lady”. Eline has one hell of a sharp mind and has been leading brand strategy and people-focused projects from Nike to NGOs since ’01.