Why legal services are important for your brand

At Essen International we have been offering different types of legal services to our clients since the rise of our firm. Why is this so important to us? Our simple answer is that the combination of our skills in strategy, design and law, and the possibility to work closely together from the scratch of a project, gives a greater value to our clients. Just think of it, why put tons of money into a new brand or a new commercial campaign if you’re not sure that you will actually be able to use it without trouble? Our lawyers simply secure the money that our clients put into their brands.

We would like to give a few examples of what we can do for you from a legal point of view.

Trademark law
– protecting and guarding the treasure
We register, monitor and manage our clients’ trademarks in Sweden and internationally. We assist our clients with all different types of questions that arise in connection with their brands. Interested in taking your brand abroad, starting a co-branding venture or selling or licensing your brand? Or do you have problems with unauthorized use of your brand or a competitor that has been passing of on your brand? In order to build and keep a strong brand, it also needs to be well protected and well managed from a legal point of view.

– sometimes you need to fight for your rights
Sometimes you need to fight for your rights. We receive a great amount of questions from our clients concerning unauthorized or wrongful use of their brands. Today these issues are as common online as in the real world. We advise our clients on why, when and where the fight is worth taking, from a legal and brand perspective, and we will fight for you. If you have a well-protected brand, you shouldn’t have to suffer any form of infringement, wrongful use or other type of misleading handling of your brand.

Internet law
– how to survive online
In today’s IT society it is as crucial to have a strategy for your brand online as it is in the real world. Apart from all types of questions regarding domain names and trademark infringement online, we handle questions regarding how to collect personal information, use images, photos, texts, music and design online, on a daily basis. The online environment is not a lawless land; it’s just another dimension of the real world. Don’t hesitate to ask us how it works.

Copyright & design law
– what is yours and what is not?
Do you create your own music, design or photography, or do you purchase these services from others? Depending on whether you own the music, design or photography or whether you only have a limited right to use it, different legal questions may arise. When handling these types of rights, agreements often play an important role in the daily game. We can draft agreements, give advice on how to best protect your works from being used by others or how to make commercial gain from them.

Commercial agreements
– be sure to gain value
Commercial agreements surround most businesses. We gladly assist in drafting and reviewing various kinds of commercial agreements, both agreements regarding your brands, copyright protected works or design and general commercial agreements.

Marketing law
– let us solve your marketing issues
If you are about to launch a new commercial campaign, we can help you make sure that the campaign is not improper in any way or does not infringe on the trademarks or copyrighted material of others. Or if you think some other campaign is misleading or negative for your brand, we can help you clear up the mess.

Please give us a call on +46 701840117 or send our lawyer Moa an e-mail at if you are curious about knowing more about what our lawyers could do for your business.