It’s a chain reaction

Last weekend, Sweden’s cyclists of the year were announced at the Sweden Bike Awards, an event held by the Swedish Cycling Federation. The main sponsor, Posten AB (the Swedish Post), announced two outstanding talents for the “Post Cyclist of the Year” and presented each of them with 25,000 SEK and a statuette.

We were given the honour of designing the statuettes. We chose a chain shape forming the letter “Å”, which is the first letter of “Post Cyclist of the Year” in Swedish – “Årets Postcyklist”. The chain is an essential part of the function of a bike regardless of the model, and it is a symbol of all the hard work that is crucial to the success of a cyclist.

“We also like the idea that the chain symbol will link all winners together over time”, says Benjamin Scherer, the designer of the statuette here at Essen International.

The statuette is made of matte polished aluminium and engraved with the winners’ names. This year Alexandra Engen and Fredrik Kessiakoff are the lucky winners. We wish you both the very best of luck!