Brand lift through search

When people talk about search and SEO it’s predominantly regarding generation of traffic and better conversion. However, what’s often overseen is that just appearing on the search results page builds awareness and brand interest. Even without a single click.

Studies from Google and Conductor show that brands appearing in the top of the search result pages (SERPs), show a considerable gain in brand lift (awareness, ad recall and brand interest). With more than 50% of all traffic online being generated from SERPs, the impact of being ranked high can make a big difference in how your brand performs.

In many organisations today, the SEO analysis is usually made when gaining more traffic or increased conversion is needed. However, knowing what search means for brand lift, the SEO analysis and keyword definition should be considered a part of the initial strategic work. By defining keywords and search contexts early on in the branding process, you not only get a jumpstart for your SEO work, but you’ll also get a good opportunity to find empty spots or avoid spaces overcrowded by your competitors. To get full effect and consistency the keywords should be used as the fundament for offline work as well. Corporate texts, tag lines, company statements and naming of products are a few examples where consistency with search keywords can make a difference in how your brand perform online. Also, by working active with your keywords, brand managers and brand agencies as well, will have a new and objective KPI to measure brand authority.

With more than 3 billion searches occurring online every day, it may be time for marketers to take into account brand lift benefits of appearing in search results when making budgeting and strategy decisions.

Niklas Wallberg, Head of Digital, EssenInternational