This is our answer to #sistabriefen

At Essen, we do our best to work for women and men to have the same influence to shape the company and their own professional lives. Active gender equality is of course an obvious part of our staff policy. We are striving for a workplace with focus on expertise and experience, a workplace with a variety of approaches to our projects in order to create tomorrow’s brands and design.

But, like all other agencies we can get even better. And that is exactly what we are aiming for.

As we accepted the brief we started preparing and adjusting our gender equality plan and our action plan against sexual harassments and disgraceful behavior. The plan defines and describes what is meant by victimization, discrimination and harassment, and how the individual employee can report such behavior. To concretize our answer to #sistabriefen we have chosen to highlight some actions taken from our plan:

For equality, we are
–Striving for mixed teams when the workgroups are put together to get in more perspective. 

–Bringing out the debate about gender equality at the agency by elevating and educating on the subject internally.
–Applying positive different treatment on equal competence for the gender underrepresented in roles of leadership. 

–Applying positive different treatment in future recruitments at equal or similar merits for the gender being underrepresented. 

–Conducting clear routines and guidelines for pay regulations to make sure women and men have equal pay for equal work.
–Making sure employees on parental leave are receiving information about what is happening at the agency and are being included in salary and appraisal meetings, conferences and other larger cultural activities.

Our position against sexual harassment and disgraceful behavior
No form of harassment or disgraceful behavior is accepted within Essen International. Such behaviors are a serious threat to a good work environment and completely contrary to the basic view of everyone’s equal rights and values. All employees are assumed to take their own responsibility and to have other employee’s self-worth and integrity in mind. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion and obligated to respect others. All employees at Essen International are responsible for noticing problems and reporting those to the HR manager.

This is a social problem that involves all industries. We all have a responsibility to make all kinds of discrimination and harassment stop. On our hand, we promise to keep this subject alive, and we promise to do our best to contribute to a communication industry free from oppression.

With love,