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SATS is the leading training company in the Nordic region. With 11 million visitors every year SATS needs to keep its brand simmering with activity. SATS pioneered the fitness movement once before, when they changed basements for body builders into fitness centres for everyone. The competition got rough and tough. SATS asked us to redefine the industry once again, by improving the brand experience across all aspects – Digital and Physical Environments, Employees, Communication and Products. The result was a new emotional identity. We designed the new visual identity so that it could easily be integrated into the brand’s strongest carrier: the training environment. We used classic sports references like pictograms and numerals. We also developed imagery with an authentic touch that shows the pleasure experienced by SATS members at a training session. We hope that the new visual identity reflects the power and flexibility associated with SATS.

In short
Grand design. A large-scale visual identity.
At the centre of our attention: The training centre itself.
Our task: Fuelling the cult
Digitizing the business according to new needs


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