Hello Brand, tired of standing in the shade?


Our task was crystal clear: to make Bankpension stand out from all the other pension providers by emphasizing the advantage of being critical while at the same time generating business. The message from their customers was simple: get your arithmetic right and make it simpler! Hiding behind their message was the need for security and reliability – values from the old school of bank administration.

We took Bankpension on a trip to simplify its message and function. But most important of all: we made certain that Bankpension delivered exactly what they promised in their message. While we were providing them with a new form, we made sure that the number of sales letters was reduced by over 60%. While the message was put right and became a lot simpler, we re-designed their digital platforms – both their administrative system and their external website.

In short
Making an outstanding company really stand out
Digitizing the business according to new needs
Pensions: From boring to personal
And yes, we reduced the number of sales letters by over 60%


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