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Bankomat® is one of Sweden’s greatest heritage brands. After 50 years’ service, our task was fundamental: to bring Bankomat® into the 21st century, ready to carry on for another 50 years. We have ensured the legal rights to the brand and developed an identity optimized for throwing the spotlight on our identity hero: the colour: A great way to get strong brand impact while at the same time helping the users to identify the services provided. Whether they are in Ystad (a town at the southern tip of Sweden) or Haparanda (a town close to the North Pole), the establishment of the next generation of cash service machines is already under way.

Together with a clear brand strategy and modern design toolbox we make sure that the brand keeps on moving forward. And, did we forget to tell you? We also came up with a clever way of making sure that the ATMs’ user interface could not only communicate the identities of different banks, but do it in a set framework and in a logical way. Take a closer look next time you need cash from the hole in the wall to see how we did it.

In short
Preparing for another 50 years
Setting a new stage for the brand
The hero? Blue
New times, new toolbox


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